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NYDFS Reviews BitLicense Guidelines to Favor Crypto Agencies
With the New York Department of Financial Services guidelines, blockchain agencies will find easy entry into the cities blockchain ecosystem

BCH Price Sees a Bullish Correction After A Week-Long Dip, Chainlink (LINK) Still On a Downtrend
This article reviews the short term price analysis of altcoins Bitcoin cash (BCH) and Chainlink (LINK) as the overall crypto market continues to move bearishly sideways.

PrimeXBT Review | Key Features Offered By Advanced Trading Platform
Reviews of trading platforms are essential in assisting traders with selecting the proper platform for their unique trading style, taste in trading instruments, and features that stand out as must-haves. It can save traders a great deal of time and money, by weeding out the platforms that don’t deserve a deposit.

Blockchain-Powered App to Seamlessly Assist Patients Request Medical Care and Insurance Cover
Seoul Medical Center is set to launch a blockchain-enabled medical information mobile app dubbed Seoul Care this month. This app will help patients plan medical treatments, look up prescription details, and check test results using their smartphones.

Reddit Invites Developers to Submit Ethereum Scaling Proposals for its Token Project
Popular social news aggregator, web content rating and discussion site Reddit invites developers to develop is Ethereum based Community Points

SEC Delays Decision on Overstock-Backed Security Token Exchange
The SEC has extended the timeline for its to disapprove or approve operations by the BSTX, a security token exchanged affiliated with Overstock’s blockchain arm tZERO.

Crypto User Scammed Out of $20,000 on Fake Uniswap App
A user has lost $20K after placing his private key backup phrase in a fake Uniswap mobile app available on the Google Play store.

Twitter Hires Former Hacker Peiter 'Mudge' Zatko as Head of Security
Following the high-profile security breach witnessed in July this year, Twitter has hired former hacker Peiter 'Mudge' Zatko as its new head of security.

PwC Global Crypto Leader Henri Arslanian on the Future of the Crypto Ecosystem
Henri Arslanian, the PwC Global Crypto Leader, Chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, is the highest-profile FinTech consultant in Hong Kong according to Chambers Global. Blockchain.News interviewed Arslanian at the Asian Financial Forum held in Hong Kong earlier this month, where he was invited to speak on the development of FinTech. The Asian Financial Forum brought over 3,500 speakers and influential financial experts, policymakers, and business leaders.  

PwC Reports Huge Shift in M&A and Fundraising from US to Asia and EMEA in 2019
In 2019, crypto fundraising and M&As began migrating over to Asia, Europe and the Middle East and saw a lack of new VC investments as the majority of funding came from crypto firms within the industry, according to PWC’s latest report released on April 6.

Top 8 Credible Blockchain News Websites That Are Worth Reading in 2020
You might be familiar with the term “blockchain” if, during the recent years, you have been using cryptocurrency. Yet, if you search about it, you may find different definitions. We bring you one simple version: blockchain is a list of records, also known as a database or a” public book” that records bitcoin transactions.

Cardano’s Shelley Mainnet Set to Launch, ADA Price Predictions are High
The third-generation blockchain Cardano is making some promising strides with its development plan as it matures into its more decentralized “Shelley Era.”