Alex Fazel of Swissborg, on Financial Freedom, Predicting the Price of Bitcoin and Breakdancing

Jillian Godsil   Dec 16, 2019 23:49 2 Min Read

Alex is one of the founding members of Swissborg founded two years ago to open the world of finance to all.  His brother and CEO Cyrus had been working in investment banking but was struck by how he was only helping the rich get richer - a position with which he was not comfortable. And so the ambition of opening up the private members club of finance was born.

"At Swissborg, we have a vision of taking the off chain world to the on chain world but we want to do it in a regulated fashion. That is the way to win the game, change the world and create mass adoption," says Alex.

The company, which earned USD50 million in its ICO in 2018 now employs more than 50 people, mostly based in Switzerland. As a wealth management platform its wealth management app is currently in beta but will be launched early next year.

Currently it also has a fun app where people can try and predict the price of bitcoin and earn bitcoin along the way. More than 15,000 new players registered to reach the symbolic 60,000 player mark with the community of players making more than 1 million forecasts since the beginning of the game. 

"If people have skin the game and it's fun, then they become invested in bitcoin."

The ethos of the company is to move from the wild west of crypto to the regulate world of open finance. As part of that, Alex has set up Cryptonite.TV which interviews some of the makers and shakers in this industry. And Alex has kindly invited your journalist here to darken the studio doors when next in London. I can't wait!

SwissBorg is a crypto wealth management company, based on the Ethereum Blockchain, which is soon to launch the “the skyscanner” of crypto investments. This next generation crypto investment will allow community members to get the best price, volume and routes thanks to the connectivity of multiple exchanges (Binance, Kraken, LMAX and more.


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