Facebook’s Libra Developers Release Initial Roadmap

Lucas Cacioli   Oct 03, 2019 07:10 2 Min Read

The developers behind Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Libra have released their initial roadmap outlining the milestones the Calibra team plan to achieve prior to the mainnet launch of Libra blockchain.

The Libra Association have released an update regarding the progress of their initial roadmap and the results of their launch of their testnet.

Since the official Libra project announcement in June, developers have released several blockchain explorers (libranaut, libraview, librabrowser, and libexplorer) and integrated Libra testnet into their wallets. 
Calibra continues to develop Libra Core heavily on GitHub. The team has also released two new guides: one for running Move applications locally and another showing how to run your own network.  

The developers at Calibra have reported steady technical progress and believe that open and transparent dialogue is the key to growing developer interest in the project. As Libra Core progresses towards the Mainnet launch, they advise the public to keep an eye out for updates.

Testnet to Mainnet

The launch of Facebook's Libra testnet has enabled the Calibra team to enhance the functionality and stability of the Libra Core and has made it easy to troubleshoot. The testnet allows early access to developers to test their codes and customize features.

Following the successful launch of the Testnet, the Facebook developer's goals for Libra Core in Roadmap #1 are to focus on security and reliability and to integrate its first partners into the Libra network pre-Mainnet. The end goal of the Mainnet is for all partners to have nodes deployed on the network. Each node will run on a mixture of on-premises and cloud-hosted infrastructure. The developers believe that a wider diversity of infrastructure will provide more resiliency to the Libra network.

Libra Pre-Mainnet

As the project tracks towards the Mainnet milestone, it is necessary to bring more nodes online while maintaining the operation of the testnet. To aid the effort, the Libra team has created a staging environment called Pre-Mainnet which is currently only accessible to partner nodes to allow them to connect to each other.

According to the release, “A handful of partners have already deployed their nodes and have them communicate with each other. We expect to have more partners coming online shortly. We want to ensure the Libra network can meet rigorous performance benchmarks and overall system stability before opening access. Stay tuned.”

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