Chainlink is for solving the Oracle problem within the blockchain projects. Sometimes we need to rely on the outside data sources for smart contract executions, so how to use outside data in a reliable and standard way is quite important. Chainlink is an external data provider to blockchain projects. There are many cases that the trigger and execution of smart contracts rely on conditions of external data, like climate data. The key is that external data is reliable and tamper-proof. Chainlink manages to provide a standard, process, and APIs for easy use of external data.

Chainlink Hits New All-Time High amid SmartZip Expanding Services to Oracle Network
SmartZip, a leader in real estate predictive analysis, announced that it will join Chainlink's market-leading decentralized Oracle network by launching its own Chainlink node.
Ethereum is Ready for $5,000 and Chainlink for $100, says Market Analyst
Ethereum and Chainlink's current bull runs are far from over, as market analyst Michael van de Poppe remarked that ETH and LINK will surge to $5,000 and $100 price levels, respectively.
Chainlink (LINK) Achieves New Record High - What's Next?
Chainlink (LINK) hit a new record-high of $42.19 today, amid the oracle network's partnership with fintech company NCFX.
Chainlink (LINK) Price Analysis - March 30, 2021
Chainlink's liquidity is showing a downward trend. However, there is still a possibility of LINK touching its all-time high of $36.89 in the short term. Here's why.
Filecoin (FIL) Price Analysis – March 26,2021
The recent Chainlink integration with Filecoin has served to push Filecoin's price up. Currently, it seems likely that FIL will break the resistance of $96.
UNI, LINK, VET Price Analysis-March 9,2021
With Bitcoin breaking above its psychological barrier of 54K, altcoins have also rallied higher. Here is a more in-depth look at what's in store for Uniswap (UNI), Chainlink (LINK), and VeChain (VET) this week.
Mogul Productions Implements Chainlink Oracles to Optimize Film Financing
Some industries are reluctant to change because they benefit a small group of people or firms; film financing fits this category. Mainly restricted to established companies, funding and producing an independent movie can be extremely challenging without the right backers. One project looking to remedy that is Mogul Productions, a blockchain-based, decentralized film financing platform.
Chainlink Is Rallying Bullishly, Up 15% in The Last 7 Hours
New data by on-chain metrics provider Santiment reveals that Chainlink (LINK) is back to its winning ways because it is up by nearly 15% in the last 7 hours.
Chainlink (LINK) Achieves New Record Price High of over $25 as Altcoins Gain
Chainlink (LINK) has achieved a new record price high of over $25, gaining 105% since the beginning of the year.
Chainlink, Uniswap, and Polkadot among the Altcoins that Have Held Up Well Despite Bitcoin’s Plunge
While Bitcoin has plunged by 15% on a seven-day period, dragging most of the cryptocurrency market along with it, some altcoins have survived the drop.

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