EOSIO is a next-generation, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility. Introduced in May 2017, it has since been widely recognized as a major competitor of Ethereum.

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There Would Be No Bull Market If There Was No Bear Market...
Daily commentary on the crypto market and trading advice from Eugene Ng of Matrixport, a veteran trader with 10 years of experience in top-tier global investment banks.
Ethereum, EOS, & TRON: Which Blockchain Will Continue to Dominate the Dapp Ecosystem in 2020?
By measuring the success of how individual blockchains: Ethereum, EOS, and TRON have been performing in the first month of the new year, the data from January 2020 gives an insight into the year ahead.
Bitcoin Gets an A, EOS Gets an F in Latest Blockchain Report
Coin Metrics, the research and analytics firm, have ranked the top ten blockchain networks through a multi-variate analysis. The results may surprise many in the community as popular developer chain Ethereum was a awarded a mere B classification while popular chains EOS and Binance Chain took positions at the bottom of the list with an F grade.
Block.one to Provide over US$1.5 million in Grants to Promising Businesses Built on EOSIO
EOS VC is now accepting applications for its Grants Program. The venture capital arm of Block.one is aiming to empower developers to turn their visions for the EOSIO network into innovative realities.
Korean Blockchain Games Are Becoming More Mainstream in Global Markets
The latest Game “Crypto Legends” and “Knights Story” developed by Weneepl and Biscuit gaming have been released into the markets with a large demand happening all across the world. In Korea due to market rulings and regulations, the games are not in full availability in Korea, but booming abroad.
Amun AG: What are the Top Valuation Approaches for Altcoins?
We continue to explore the top Bitcoin valuation approaches stated in Part 1, which include NVT, NVRV, NVHR, Cost of Mining and Active Address method. In addition, we also looked at the field of altcoin valuation, including Ethereum, top privacy and payment coins.
EIDOS Token Airdrop Causes Congestion Problem in EOS Blockchain Network
Blockchain congestion is a serious issue in the cryptocurrency industry. Several networks suffer from this problem regularly.
EOS Dublin and ConsolFreight partner to Leverage Blockchain In FreightTech
EOS Dublin, an EOS block producer and EOSIO blockchain developer, has partnered with ConsolFreight, a leading operator in the digitised Freight Forwarding industry. Together, they have conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) for the freight forwarding industry using blockchain. This development is hailed as the new intersection between Fintech and FreightTec
Exclusive: Why is Everipedia Built on EOS, not on Ethereum?
Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger is happy to embrace the changes in the online encyclopedia with blockchain. Joined in Everipedia as Chief Information Officer (CIO) Dec 2017, Larry shares to our readers why Everipedia is built on EOS instead of Ethereum! He also mentioned 4 advantages of blockchain on the encyclopedia, yet efficiencies are not the main advantage!

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