Ernst & Young Global Limited, commonly known as Ernst & Young/ EY, is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in the UK.

Ernst & Young’s Blockchain Technology to Create NFTs for Award-Winning Italian Film
Big-four accounting and auditing firm Ernst & Young’s blockchain-as-a-service dubbed EY OpsChain will create NFTs for the award-winning Italian film La Leggenda Di Kaspar Hauser.
EY Increases Its Investments in The Blockchain Market
EY has committed another $100 million in funding to sponsor the development of several blockchain products.
EY Blockchain Analyzer Adds Explorer & Visualizer Solution to OnChain Data Investigator
Big-four accounting and auditing firm Ernst & Young has enhanced its blockchain analytics tool, the Explorer & Visualizer solution to investigate on-chain data
EY: How Blockchain Revolutionizes Tax Operations for Businesses in 2 Ways
Following Part 1 of the interview, we looked at Ernst & Young’s perspective on how blockchain can be an effective tool for huge tax savings. Jimmy also shared the progress of Nightfall, zero-knowledge proof technology on the role of privacy transactions on public blockchains.
Exclusive: Blockchain at the Stage of Tech Convergence
How does Deloitte Blockchain Lab envision the future of blockchain? Dr. Paul Sin believed that blockchain is at the stage of technology convergence with IoT, big data and artificial intelligence! He also explained the 3 challenges for enterprises to implement their own blockchain and various blockchain auditing services offered by Deloitte.

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