MicroStrategy is the largest independent publicly-traded business intelligence company (Nasdaq: MSTR). On July 28, 2020, it announced that it has purchased 21,454 bitcoins at an aggregate purchase price of $250 million, inclusive of fees and expenses.

MicroStrategy May Sell Some of Its Bitcoins
In its latest earnings report, MicroStrategy said it may sell off some of its Bitcoin in the future.
MicroStrategy Announces Plans to Pay Its Board of Directors in Bitcoin
MicroStrategy has announced that some of its board of directors are now being paid in Bitcoin
HSBC Prohibits Clients from Trading Bitcoin-Backed MicroStrategy Stock
HSBC has ramped up its anti-crypto policy, banning its clients from trading MicroStrategy stock as the banking institution deems it to be “a virtual currency product.”
Tesla CEO Elon Musk Says You Can Now Buy a Tesla With Bitcoin
Elon Musk has revealed that customers can now purchase Tesla cars with Bitcoin as the mode of payment.
Institutional Bitcoin Adoption Continues as MicroStrategy, Square, and Tesla Ramp Up Crypto Interest
The institutional flow of funds into Bitcoin is a tool to help guarantee market stability and attract improved regulations for the crypto industry.
MicroStrategy Scoops Up an Additional 205 Bitcoins for $10 Million
MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 205 BTC, bringing the firm's holdings to 91,064 Bitcoins.
Peter Schiff Criticizes Investors who Succeeded in Getting Wall Street to Buy into the Bitcoin Mania
Peter Schiff has yet again expressed his disappointment at BTC proponents that has stirred increased Wall Street participation in crypto.
Bitcoin Can Be Used by Corporate Investors to Manage the “Impact of Monetary Inflation"- MicroStrategy
MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor explains that firms are acquiring Bitcoin as a strategy to hedge against the impacts of monetary inflation.
MicroStrategy CEO Says the Software Firm Is Considering Equity or Debt Financing to Purchase More Bitcoins
MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has said that he is considering issuing more debt to enable the company to buy more Bitcoins. He stated that it makes sense to purchase as much of the asset class as they can.
MicroStrategy Scoops Up another $1 Billion Worth of Bitcoin
MicroStrategy has announced that it has just invested another $1 billion in Bitcoin, purchasing the digital asset as it was trading around $52,765.

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