MoneyGram is a global provider of innovative money transfer and payment services. The mission is to connect friends and family throughout the world any way that is convenient by providing a reliable financial connection for life's essentials and daily needs. MoneyGram has the ability to positively impact 2 billion unbanked population and facilitate financial inclusion.

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Former Ripple Partner MoneyGram Allows Customers to Sell and Purchase Cryptocurrency at 20,000 US Locations
MoneyGram has partnered with Coinme to let customers buy cryptocurrency and withdraw it from physical locations in the United States.
Ripple and MoneyGram Partnership Ends amid SEC Lawsuit
Ripple and MoneyGram’s partnership through which they furthered remittance services using XRP and Ripple technology has officially ended.
Class-Action Lawsuit Filed against MoneyGram for Allegedly Misleading Investors with XRP
MoneyGram is currently facing a class-action lawsuit for allegedly misleading investors with XRP.
MoneyGram Puts Ripple Partnership on Hold Due to SEC Lawsuit
MoneyGram has announced that it will be temporarily suspending the use of XRP and taking a step back from its partnership with Ripple Labs, in light of the fintech firm's legal battle with the SEC.
MoneyGram CEO Praises Ripple XRP for Providing Speed and Efficiency for Cross-Border Payments
MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes praised Ripple for the innovation it was providing to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
Ripple to Cash In One-Third of its Stake in MoneyGram
Leading blockchain payments company Ripple plans to sell a third of its stake in American money transfer firm MoneyGram.
MoneyGram Continues to Receive Millions in Development Fees From Ripple
Ripple continues to pump money into MoneyGram remittance services in market development fees as compensation for providing liquidity to its ODL XRP network.
Western Union Makes Offer to Acquire Cross-Border Payments Firm MoneyGram
Financial giant, Western Union is in discussions to acquire cross-border payments company MoneyGram according to an anonymous source close to the deal.
XRP Status Classified as Unclear, Meanwhile Analysts Say XRP Price Could Jump to $0.30
The US Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chairman Heath Tarbert indicated in an interview that the status of XRP has been classified as unclear. He said, “It’s unclear. Stay tuned I’d say. Part of the issue is that our jurisdiction we share with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). If it’s a security, it falls under their jurisdiction. If it’s a commodity, it falls under ours.”
Ripple Invests in MoneyGram Equity Honoring Commitment to Accelerate and Expand On-Demand Liquidity
MoneyGram has announced that Ripple has made the final 20 million dollar investment in MoneyGram equity pursuant to the original $50 million equity investment commitment made earlier this year.

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