SEC typically refers to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission which "protects investors in the $3.8 trillion municipal securities markets that cities and towns rely on to provide neighborhood schools, local libraries and hospitals, public parks, safe drinking water and so much more". But it can also refer to the security and exchange regulation bodies of other countries.

400 Accounts Hacked, CEO Confirms Reimbursement for all Victims
According to a Bloomberg interview, Kris Marszalek, CEO of Crypto wallet provider and trading platform, said he would be more than willing to share information about Tuesday's hack if the regulator has any relevant inquiries.
Centralization Caused Most DeFi Hacks of 2021, $1.3B Loss to Users in 2021
Certik says the centralization of operational models cited is one of the major faults amongst protocols that suffered mishaps, causing at least $1.3 billion loss to users last year.
SEC Boss Appoints Corey Frayer To Advise on Crypto Policy
Corey Frayer is joining the SEC’s executive team as a senior adviser on the agency’s policymaking related to cryptocurrency oversight.
SEC Commissioner Elad Roisman Sets to Leave the Agency in next January
Elad Roisman, one of the Commissioners with the U.S. SEC has tendered his resignation with President Joe Biden in preparation for his exit from the agency by the end of January 2022.
Ex-SEC Chair Jay Clayton Says He's a "Huge Believer" in Crypto
Ex-Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission Jay Clayton expressed his trust in the nascent digital currency world saying he is a “huge believer” in the technology underpinning the industry.
Despite Clear Divide Amongst Lawmakers, Crypto CEOs Request Clear Regulations
Top executives representing the biggest companies in the American digital currency ecosystem appeared before Congress to testify on the state of the crypto industry.
Coinbase Acquires Cryptographic Security Company Unbound, Strengthening Presence in Israel
Coinbase has made another strategic acquisition to expand its business capabilities. The exchange is joining forces with the Unbound team to offer an even better value proposition to the Unbound customers in Israel.
Crypto Market Overview: Reasons Behind BTC Fall, Top Monthly Gainers
In my opinion, this is just a pullback as Bitcoin gathers power before making its next leap to new highs.
Invesco Puts Blame on U.S. SEC Rules for Decision to Withdraw Bitcoin Futures ETF
Invesco eventually talked about what prompted it to pull out its filing for Bitcoin futures ETF. The firm faulted SEC rules for the disaster.
Argo Blockchain Seeks $57.5M Debt Funding to Build Texas Mining facility
Argo Blockchain has filed an application with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to offer $57.5 million worth of 8.75% senior unsecured notes to interested investors.

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