Non-digital currencies issued and backed by the jurisdictions of various regions. Examples include the US dollar, British pound, Euro, Chinese Yuan, and Japanese Yen.

Is Cryptocurrency the Answer? Egypt’s Central Bank Limits Daily Cash Withdrawals Amid Coronavirus Crisis
Egypt is facing a severe cash crunch as the country is feeling the economic pressure of the coronavirus outbreak. The central bank of Egypt has instructed local banks to begin restricting daily withdrawals and has instructed citizens not to withdraw so much money.
Brazilian Banking Federation President Claims Crypto Cannot Replace Fiat Money
The President of Brazilian Banking Federation has argued that cryptocurrencies do not meet the basic criteria of real currencies.
Canada, Netherlands, Ukraine Central Banks Say Blockchain Not Necessary for CBDC
In a conference hosted by National Bank of Ukraine, some central banks recently suggested that blockchain is unnecessary for digital fiat currency
Impending Central Bank Digital Currency: Data Shows Not All Central Banks Support the Move
The paradox of the situation is that banks with the capacity to push the world into the digital currency era are actually not showing much interest towards adoption; with the reason for their reluctance remaining a question with no answer.

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